Your generosity makes a difference

Automatically Generous
If you’ve been around Life Ministries Church for a little while, you have may have heard us talk about “ Generosity.” and the difference that it makes. In addition to making our operational budget more stable, it is our hope that automating your giving here makes your participation in our mission as seamless as possible. A strong church helps make a strong community. And to remain strong, we need the people who love Life Ministries to develop a plan to support it.

If you would like to set up a reoccurring gift simple select your frequency and click on the starting date to choose when your automatic generosity will begin

Other ways to Give


Give in service or mail your gift:
Life Ministries Church
1309 East Ohio Street,
Clinton Missouri, 64735

Mobile app

Click the Give tab in the Life Ministries Church app
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Non - Cash Gifts

Donate items such as stocks, bonds, property, or other
 in-kind gifts.
Email us for more information.